Guitar Workers + Musicians United!

Stand with the Cort workers @NAMM

In Take Action on January 15, 2011 at 10:35 am

At NAMM, telling the crowd about Cort workers' struggle

After two days of actions at NAMM, tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 15th, is the day when the Cort and Cor-tek guitar workers request your presence and support. Saturday is also our third meeting with Fender, which promised an investigation of Cort Guitars, but has done nothing for a year. The more who join us, the livelier it will be for us, and the more people will take note and ask, “What’s going on with Cort Guitars and Fender?” We will be at NAMM all day, starting at 10am.

Starting from 11am – 1pm, we will be joined by the United Steel Workers Local 675 from 11- 1pm.

At 1pm, musicians who support the Cort guitar workers will join us, including Shin Kawasaki, Aparato!, Nocy K, and Phoenix Benjamin.

At 2pm, we will have a rally and musical march – if you can’t come at any other time, this is the time to come. If you have noisemakers, props, costumes, bring them by and add some sound and color to our march. As we march down the sidewalks of the center, we will pass out fliers to the passerby and show attendees, and can use all the help we can get.

Thank you to all those who were able to SIGN OUR PETITION to Fender (please keep doing so, as we head into our meeting with Fender on Saturday) and to those who were able to tune in to our coverage on 90.7 KPFK for Uprising Radio, or to Fox 11 news last night and this morning, which covered the Cort story last night and today for a total of 4 airings.

LA Fox News 11 interviewing Cort guitar worker

Today, we also received some art about the Cort worker campaign made in solidarity by Serpica Naro, a collective focused on autonomous and alternative production under the guise of an Anglo-Japanese fashion designer, formed in response to the casualization of the garment industry in Milan. We first met them in Harajuku, Tokyo, where the Cort workers did an action with the Kawai piano workers in front of a Kawai store. Thank you!

Serpica Naro graphic for Cort worker campaign


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