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Welcome to the international site for the Cort/Cor-tek workers actions

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Because we believe that there can be no music without the workers who make the instruments.

Because the struggle for the Korean workers at Cort/Cor-tek knows no borders, and needs the support of people around the world, including musicians, activists, journalists, artists, cultural activists and anyone who believes that workers and artists need each other and should fight together for the right to make music that means something, that calls for justice.

On this blog, you can read and hear the Korean guitar workers’ stories, you can see the recent international actions by supporters from around the world, hear from the musicians and artists who support the Cort workers, see the media gallery of actions and events, and contact us or the Cort company and its global sponsors to demand basic justice for the workers.

Cor-tek factory in Daejon, by photographer Noh Soon Taek (노순택 작가)

As  you can see in the photo above, the factories in Korea are quiet, and the half-completed guitars are warping and cracking, gathering dust. For the workers who made these guitars, watching these  guitars turning into waste, the evidence of Cort/Cor-tek Guitars suddenly and without warning shifting their factories overseas, is heartbreaking.

What do they want? They want Cort/ Cor-tek to re-open the factories and let them regain their livelihoods, their dignity, and their identity as guitar workers.

For anyone considering buying a Cort guitar or bass, please reconsider.

Aren’t people worth more than guitars?

For current actions taking place in Korea and a history of the Cort workers actions in solidarity with cultural activists in the Korean language, see this blog: