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Oh the promises they make – Shame on Fender! photo campaign

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Cor-tek worker traveled from Korea to LA  March 11 – 20th –

In that brief amount of time, he was tireless in meeting with local unions, community organizations, and speaking at concerts.

In that time, he met with Fender’s PR representative. However, it was clear that Fender has not done much, if anything, to move the investigation along.

So it is time to take it global –

We need to make sure Fender and Cort know that the world is watching them– For Fender, it is shameful to make excuses about language barriers when you clearly have been doing business with Cort for decades.

In addition, FENDER is opening stores in Korea, managed by Cort CEO’s brother. The relationship is much deeper and interwoven than meets the eye. This means that a lot is at stake, but that is also, perhaps, why Fender is so reluctant and revealing so little about what they have done.

This is something everyone can do: Take a picture of yourself- of a musician friend, a music lover who cares about worker rights- and hold a sign or put one on your guitar that says, “SHAME ON FENDER!” or “FENDER WATCH!” Hopefully, with the pictures of hundreds and thousands, we will send the message, loud and clear. Email your picture to:

See the updated album at:!/album.php?aid=213712&id=344810266124&ref=mf

or at our new FLICKR site.

P.S. Join the Facebook group if you haven’t already – Cort Worker Action at :!/pages/Cort-Worker-ACTION/344810266124 and stay continually updated.

MC Khingz saying "SHAME ON FENDER"

MC Gabriel Teodros says, FENDER, MUSIC not SWEATSHOPSDJ Boo also supports the Cort workers

Hanumpa, 한음파, Korean indie rock band, saying NO CORT

Kingston Rudieska, indie ska band in Korea, No CORT!

이한철 Lee Han-cheol, singer and former band member of Bulldog Mansion, korean indie band, saying NO CORT!

Hydrophonics, MC - supports Cort workers

Ceejay of DEEP Foundation, Shame on Fender!

시와 Siwa, Korean Indie musician, NO CORT!

Michelle Yunhee Profitt, vocals for the band Hiretsukan