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Our petition is up and running!

You can sign it here:

Please do so by Friday or Saturday, January 13 and 14, before our meeting with Fender on Saturday January 14.

You can also take this petition to your local cafe or club, gather signatures, and send it to us or directly to Cort.

We, the undersigned, fully support the Cort and Cor-tek guitar workers in their struggle for their livelihoods at Cort Guitars. The Cort guitar workers were treated as less than human while they made guitars for the global guitar market and then were unjustly fired for demanding basic worker rights.

I call on Cort Guitars to respect worker rights and to rehire the Cort and Cor-tek workers. They should be allowed to bargain for their worker rights, they should be allowed to unionize, and they should be allowed to return to work where they belong.

I call on Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, which contracts Cort for the production of its guitars, to take the workers’ issue seriously and resolve the labor violations of Cort in a fair and just manner.


Korea Headquarters address:


660 Dungchon 3-Dong,

Kango-Gu, Seoul, Korea 157-030

Phone: + 82-2-3661-1981
Fax: + 82 -2 – 3661-1986

Sample Letter:

Dear Yung Ho Park,

I am writing to ask you to respect the basic rights of the Cort and Cor-tek workers who made your guitars and built your fortune over decades. They gave you everything they had; their health, their youth, their time with their families, and in the end, after all of their dedication, you only lied to them, forced them to sign resignation papers, and moved your production for cheaper labor overseas.

I stand with the Cort and Cor-tek guitar workers, who have struggled for over 1000 days to be heard by you and the public in Korea, in Germany, in Japan, and elsewhere, against their unjust mass firing.

As someone who (EDIT HERE: is a musician/ is a worker/ is an ordinary citizen), I will NOT buy a Cort or a Cort-made guitar or bass of another brand. I will tell my fellow citizens and my area music stores NOT TO CARRY your guitars or your production lines, not until you respect the demands and the rights of these men and women who made your guitars, the Cort and Cor-tek workers.

Re-open your factories in Korea, and restore the dignity and livelihoods of these workers.




Westheimer Corporation

3451 Commercial Avenue

Northbrook, IL 60062


Tel : 1-847-498-6491
Fax : 1-847-498-5370

For the list of other countries and their main dealers, follow <this link>:

  1. I feel these workers were treated unjust. And if Cort does not make good for their actions, they should be boycotted.

  2. Workers should be treated with respect, dignity, and have the right to form a union without fear of losing his or her job. Cort workers are not only fighting for their rights, they are fighting for the rights of our children and future workers all around the world.

  3. Thank you for your support Leonard and Jenny! It’s right – the Cort workers are not just fighting for themselves. We are going to launch a letter and photo campaign to pressure Fender to stop dragging their feet on the investigation . Please participate!

  4. 형제께,

    안녕하세요? 오늘 저는 그 근로자의 얘기를 들었어서 Fender한테 편지를 쓸겁니다. 기타를 치는 사람이니까 마음에 많이 아픕니다. 저는 미국에서 태어나는 사람 이니까 저한테 한국어를 어렵니다. 하지만 기도 할겁니다.

    안녕히 계세요,


  5. […] here and here. Show your support, it doesn’t take long and they deserve better! Posted in THIS […]

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