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How to support the Cort workers @NAMM

In Take Action on January 10, 2011 at 12:55 am

The Cort and Cor-tek guitar workers of Korea are now en route to LA from Incheon, South Korea.

On Friday, January 7th, they held a press conference in Seoul, to publicize this 2nd trip to LA for the NAMM Show, to demand that Cort Guitars do what is just and re-open their factories and rehire all of the fired workers.

Cort Worker Press Conference in Korea before their flight to LA

Many people have asked how they can support.

Whether you are a musician, a guitar lover, or an everyday citizen that cares about what is right, there are many things you can do.

On January 10th, 7pm, there will be a forum in LA’s Koreatown about the US-Korea FTA. At that forum, the Cort and Cor-tek workers will speak about their struggle as well. (Location: KIWA Cultural Education Center, 3472 West 8th Street, LA, 7-10pm)

During NAMM, we will be at Anaheim Convention Center every day from January 13- 15th, from the start to the end of the business day.

We invite MUSICIANS and SPEAKERS and VOLUNTEERS from all walks of life to share their support, whether through music or through whatever talent you  have, helping us hand out fliers and speaking to  NAMM attendees about how Cort’s guitar sweatshops are not acceptable, and that workers have the right to negotiate for better conditions without getting fired. (Please download, print, email the flier below to friends, local music stores, and to musicians who can support us at NAMM)

WHERE: At the Anaheim Convention Center, between Halls B and C, near the Palm Courts (and also near the Hilton Hotel)- where Convention Way road meets the convention center.

Cort Action Musician and Supporter Flier

For those of you with contact in the media or part of the media, our PRESS CONFERENCE is at NAMM, on January 13, at 11am. Those who want to schedule interviews can email:

The location of the press conference is also indicated in the same map.

Cort Action @ NAMM map

If you are attending NAMM, please go and tell Cort Guitars (Hall C, Booth 4468) to respect worker rights and rehire the workers who toiled for them for decades!
Also tell Fender (Booth 304BCD, Level 3, 300 Level 3@ the convention center, and at the Marriott Hotel) to conduct a timely and fair investigation of the company.

Whether or not you are in the LA area, you can support by outreaching about the campaign by

-Spreading the fact sheet (below)

Fact Sheet about Cort Guitars & Cort Action

– Do you have your own blog, website or forum? Post up this badge of your support with a link to this blog

Web Badge for Cort Action

-Sharing links to this blog ( via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-Joining and inviting people to follow Cort Action on Facebook and Twitter
Facebook Cort Worker Action
Twitter  @cortaction

-Post on Cort Guitars’ forums, Fender forums, Ibanez forums, and their Facebook pages, and let them know you want to see justice restored to these workers.
Here is a link to the Cort company’s blog:

– Send tweets to Cort Guitars @Cort_Guitars (use the hashtag #cortaction) or to Fender @Fender.
You can tweet the workers stories, tweet your own support and beliefs about worker rights and justice.

– Create art, images, stickers, urging justice for Cort guitar workers, and send files to We will make sure to use it Thursday through Saturday in Anaheim.

Hope to see many supporters at NAMM this year and active online!